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  • Type BMP-8500
  • Working Width: 24" and 34" with extensions (included)
  • Performance: 19.4 hp Kubota Diesel
  • Operating Weight: 3,583 lbs


When work demands high-quality solutions: this articulated, radio-controlled, multi-purpose compactor gets to the places where operators can’t go or would rather not go. With the radio remote control, you have everything safely under control. Including your site!


If the operator enters into the close vicinity of the machine, the travel system is automatically stopped by BOSS (BOMAG Operator Safety System) to prevent accidents. Nothing could be safer.


With radio/cable remote control, problems caused by intense sunlight, shoring work, or the simultaneous use of other machines are eliminated. Frequency adjustments and malfunctions due to mechanical wear no longer apply.


The working width can be easily varied between 24" and 34" with the drum extensions which come as standard. They are ready for use in any trench in minutes.

Designed for:

  • Base preparation
  • Backfilling of trenches
  • Compaction and backfilling around footings and foundations
  • Compaction of difficult soils where highmaneuverability is required

Standard Features

  • Articulated steering
  • Dual function cabled / radio remote control box
  • Standard dual (2) working widths of 24 inche and 33.5 inches
  • 1 inch padfoot height
  • High centrifugal force and amplitude
  • 2 selectable amplitudes
  • Double exciter system with directed vibration
  • Intelligent Vibration Control (IVC)
  • 2 scrapers per drum
  • Water cooled Kubota engine with ECOMODE
  • 2 travel speed ranges
  • (SAHR) parking brake; Spring-Applied, Hydraulically Released
  • Balanced, hinged center lift point
  • Swing out/up covers
  • Lockable hoods
  • Easy service concept
  • Diagnostic module with failure codes
  • Diesel filter with water separator
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